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  • Join us on Sunday Mornings for Sunday School at 9:30 am and Morning Worship Service at 11:00am. For days and times of other church activities, click here.

    Join us for Holy Week Services beginning Wednesday April 12, 2017. Guests include Pastor Andrew Samuels, Rev. Richard Heron, Pastor and Gospel Artist Tyrone Thompson aka Papa San, Gospel Singer Sonia Rowe and Christian Illusionist and Comedian Don Townsend.
    >>>Click here for details...

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    "God’s love is not seasonal or circumstantial but constant and offering hope, help, a home and significance for the estranged soul. Let us, therefore, hear and heed God’s welcome voice that is calling us back to Him, as well as, to further embrace His purpose for our lives."
    Sermon Conclusion & Response
    Rev. Donald Lawrence
    Sunday April 9, 2017
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